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Mediproduct Co., Ltd Vietnam
Viet Nam
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Name:Mr. Min Do Van [Director/CEO/General Manager]
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Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mr. Min Do Van at Hanoi - Northern
Phone Number:Phone number of Mr. Min Do Van at Hanoi - Northern
Fax Number:Fax number of Mr. Min Do Van at Hanoi - Northern
Address:Phu my, My dinh, Tu liem, Ha noi, Vietnam
Hanoi - Northern 12345, Ha Noi
Viet Nam
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Registration Date:Jan. 19, 2008
Last Updated:Jan. 19, 2008
Business Nature:Manufacturing, Trade of Health & Beauty category

Company Brief

We are Mediproduct Co., Ltd Vietnam who has main acitvities in:
- Medicines
- Funtion Health Foods
Now we want to looking for partners in Asian market and Africa market, who can import and promote our products
Pls feel free contact:
Nguyen Van Thanh
Mediproduct Co., Ltd
Tel: 84.4.5622760 or 84.42109172
Fax: 84.4.2671130
medivn@ gmail.com

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